R4P has been developing innovative machine vision solutions since 2001 and takes up challenging R&D projects in machine vision for its customers and delivering innovative solutions.
R4P has developed several machine vision solutions and products for a wide range of industries including automotive, steel plants, packaging, manufacturing, medical, and research. Thanks to the experience of the whole team, we are always eager to accept more and more new challenges.
We offer the guarantee of a technologically advanced partner, capable of finding personalized solutions to our clients’ needs.

The work that R4P performs for its customers can be broadly classified under the categories:
  • development of algorithms for image processing - we support our clients in dealing with advanced computer vision projects through the development of software acquisition, analysis and processing on a PC or embedded architectures such as DSPs or FPGAs.
  • designing vision systems - over the years we have developed a vast and unique set of skills in the field of artificial vision that enables us to develop: cameras, optical elements and lighting systems; The software needed at both levels of component and system Cutting-edge image processing algorithms that integrate all the elements in a solution.
  • vision system "turnkey solutions" - we design, develop and install vision systems and processing complete realtime 2D and 3D, making us responsible for all the activities: from the selection of components, to the validation in our laboratory and at the customer, from the training of the staff, to installation and maintenance of the system throughout its life.
    Up to now, we have developed and validated modules that allow us to realize in a short time:
    • 2D vision systems with special optical and controlled lighting
    • 3D laser scanner for hot and cold applications (> 1000C °) with single or multiple laser blades, fixed or rotating structured light systems, multi-cam or TOF (time of flight) for realtime scans of areas
    • 3D stereo tracking systems (with two or more cameras) for measuring the static / dynamic of points of interest
    • x-ray systems for industrial and medical applications
    • Our vision systems are based on a highly flexible software framework, refined over the years, which drastically simplifies the integration in complex automation scenarios (eg. When necessary, the vision system can be released with a powerful system of realtime multi-axis control for the management of one or more axes dedicated to move the capture unit or its components)

R4P vision system are realized on a high flexible custom framework that drastically simplify the integration in complex automation scenario (e.g. if necessary the vision system can be released with an exclusive bult-in multi-axes controller for management of motion system dedicated to camera positioning or target tracking)

R4P originally was born originally as a software development team for innovative industrial 6dof robot control solutions.
As years go by, the company range of research and its activities have been drastically expanded; nevertheless, the development, integration and maintenance of special control systems optimized on complex applications remains an important and strategic part of our business.
Our goal is to focus on the requirements of a specific control system for the individual application and implement a bespoke system, as opposed to the more common and generally not optimal effort to adapt a general purpose system.
All different solutions are based on the same base automation framework. The R4P Automation Framework is a layer of software based on a Linux realtime operating system and it is designed to host multiple processes in a safe way, developed in different languages and with complete different levels of realtime requirements.

R4P Automation Framework:
  • it is based on the Linux operating system with real-time extension
  • it allows you to easily distribute the application in a multitude of natively interconnected processes
  • it allows you to develop and debug quickly and effectively using different programming standard languages (C, C++, Python)
  • thanks to a built-in master EtherCAT (fully configurable from the Automation Framework configuration GUI) is direct connected with the EtherCAT field bus and does not need any special interface boards.

intuitive and ergonomic interfaces are key factors to increase the reliability and efficiency of operations, increase the confidence of operators, reduce errors and training time and update. The user interface quality greatly improves the overall impact of a car and thus become an important sales argument and differentiation from competitors. In R4P we design and develop human-machine interfaces for industrial and medical applications. Each interface is dedicated and optimized for the individual application and the individual customer, in order to always reach the level of usability and aesthetic impact best possible.

Using proven industry best practices in HMI Design our team will ensure your HMI project is a success. This includes:
  • developing an HMI philosophy and an HMI Design Guideline
  • assessing and benchmarking existing graphics against the HMI philosophy/guideline to migrate your HMI system and implement new guidelines for safety and efficiency
  • determining specific performance and goal objectives to achieve operational effectiveness
  • designing a HMI to provide optimal operator awareness of the process following best practices for situational awareness
  • enabling immediate detection of abnormal conditions
  • accessing key performance indicators and process trends for your operational agility
  • designing and implementing the communication between multi-vendor systems to get the right information to right people at the right time
  • installing, commissioning, and provide training
  • periodically reassessing the HMI performance to protect the operational integrity of your plant

There are solutions that require custom hardware and software development, because serial products are insufficient for solutions without compromises and it is necessary to develop them from scratch especially for that particular project. In this area R4P can offer complex services from initial consultations with the client, through the analysis of the problem, project preparation, development and production of the prototype all the way to the production of a small series and creation of technical documents for repeated production. Cooperation with our verified partners enables R4P to work also on technologically challenging projects, ensure serial production and offer related services. The company exploits its intellectual potential also to offer consultations and expert services in the area of electronic engineering. Servicing is secondary and is oriented to special devices of small series. We sees the custom hardware and software development not as an isolated development of hardware and software separately, but as a complex service which aim is to solve the client´s problem effectively or to help him with his project. That often includes the development of both hardware and software simultaneously, because many solutions require their tight interconnection. Exactly in this area R4P exploits its biggest competitive advantage and added value. That is the ability to develop software but also the hardware as undivideable parts of the entire solution.

This approach brings the client many advantages:
  • single patner: client manages the whole project from the beginning to the end only with R4P and that simplifies the project and makes its logistics more effective.
  • compatible solution: both hardware and software as parts of the solution cooperate perfectly together as they are created by a single team of employees in a single company
  • possibility to customized the solution: as the creators of both hardware and software we can customize the products exactly according to the demands and needs of the client
  • economical advantages: ordering of both hardware and software parts of the project only in R4P is economically, logistically and administratively better solution than ordering particular parts of the project separately at multiple suppliers.
  • convenient service: the service and aftersales services are being managed only with R4P, thus there is no need to service particular project parts individually at multiple suppliers.

In R4P we are maintaining constalntly a set of Linux operating system images tailored for rugged industrial and medical applications.
These images are based on the Debian distribution (https://www.debian.org - the state of the art vendor free Linux distribution) but are customized to satisfy the requirement of the most challenging automation targets.

In some industries it is not uncommon to find embedded equipment with fielded lifetimes of 5, 10, even 20 years. That's why, in addition to bringing our customers the most up-to-date versions of the Linux kernel, tools, and related technologies, R4P can also support long-term deployment of applications based on it's images.
The R4P industry-leading experience ensures your team is working with the a really highest-quality open source operating system images.

The benefits of open robot controllers’ architecture have not been ignored by the robot constructors industry and in the recent years the closed proprietary architectures were partially modified to allow access for the integration of external sensors.However, the application integrators are still not able to exploit to the full extend this openness and installations that employ sensors are still the exception in most industrial plants, mainly due to the development difficulties.
In R4P we has developed a set of generic methods and tool for rapid integration and managmentof advanced sensors in robotic applicationsa to enable quick responses to the market needs.

This thanks to the fact that many such applications sharing common functionality are required in industry. By sharing and reusing design patterns there is the possibility to reduce costs significantly. Therefore, thanks to a careful domain analysis we constalntly identify the similarities and differences between the various types of applications to provide the infrastructure for the development of new ones. We have worked with customers to integrate in industrial/medical robot applications severals kind of advanced sensors from force sensors and manual guidance devices to laser scanner 3D and ultrasonic radar.

Production lines, small factories, medical laboratories, science labs are constantly evolving and they need to adapt fast. With robotics becoming affordable automating processes in any environment saves time and money. Generic robotic solutions can only solve one part of the equation: managing to do a task. However, they tend to be over-designed, over-sized and eventually over-priced. Custom solutions can be optimized in terms of size, morphology and price. R4P custom robotic solutions are system tailored to customer needs. With our partners we provide complete support, including mechanism design, control algorithms, sensing, networking, human interfacing, simulation, and visualization.
By leveraging our software for robot control and machine vision we quickly develop hgh-quality custom solutions. We strive to integrate the best design, and technology, all the time maintaining a customer focus to produce solutions for specific production environment.

R4P engineers have worked with customers to create new robotic systems in the following areas:
  • manufacturing
  • packaging
  • inspection
  • radiotherapy